September 26th 2001 was a life changing day for me, my family and many
friends. On that day, I donated 60% of my liver to save the life of Patricia, a very
good family friend, who was dying of Primary Biliary Cirrhosis (PBC).  Now, over 5
years later, she is alive and well, proving once again the miracle of life and the
wonder of the human body.
Mt Shasta Climb for Research:  June 23-25, 2007
Live Liver Donor
Latest News
The 2007 American Liver Foundation's
Climb For Research  raised over
$125,000 for education ,  awareness
and support.
This is a happy group of climbers, happy because they
are done with the climb and are enjoying food and
beverages, but more importantly they helped raise over
$100,000 for the
NorCal Chapter of the American Liver
Foundation, and the support and education programs
they  provide.
The Student Awareness League of Spokane
Community College invited me to host a forum,
discussing liver health and my opinions and
experiences regarding my Liver Donation  
transplant. It was both, well attended and well
The Student Awareness League helped to promote the
American Liver Foundation's Mt Shasta Climb for Research
Angela Wizner and her Student Awareness League
were prepared for my arrival and were gracious and
thoughtful sponsors during my visit. It was an honor
for me to present my thought provoking material,
field student questions and provide an education to
the student body.