BUD/S Class 114
The US Navy Special Warfare
insignia or "TRIDENT" was
proudly  earned by Chuck and
relatively few others in history
Chuck (in orange) with 4
classmates from BUD/S class
114 during 25 year class
reunion. Veterans Day 2006
Chuck-US Navy SEAL
Members of BUD/S Class 114 on Ft Pierce Beach Florida-Veteran's Day 2006

Mike Howard-Class 114 is Executive Director of the US Navy UDT/SEAL Museum

Bob Hofelich-Class 114 owns Hawaiian Divers, a diving company in Kona Hawaii

Bob McMeans-Class 117 owns
Handiworks, a San Diego based Home
Remodeling & Window Replacement company
James T and me on a patrol
Wearing "Working Greens" outside of the
SpecWar detachment in Subic Bay, Phillipines
Receiving a Good Conduct Medal from
James Webb, then Under Secretary of the
Navy for Low-intensity Conflict, during his
visit to Perth Australia, where I served on
an Exchange program with the Australian
Army SAS Regiment.  He is currently the
Junior Democratic Senator for the
Commonwealth of Virginia
I love my country and am blessed to live
near our nation's capital. This simplistic
view of the Washington Monument struck
me as a crossover of our nation's history
and nature.  I
AM proud to be an American!
Historically, families make generational
sacrifices for our country. This is our son,
Nick, an F-18 aircraft mechanic.  This was
taken during our visit to the Aircraft Carrier
USS Eisenhower for Family Day 2008,
where he volunteered for flight ops.
An F-18 Hornet from VFA-131 Wildcats
prepares to get launched off the USS
Eisenhower. Nick is at the rear of the
aircraft, signalling the OK, ready for takeoff
after he did the final inspection.
There is just something special about the ability to break
the speed of sound. Too bad this photo does not come
with the sonic boom we enjoyed!
Sending a SEAL or Frog to his final resting place is often the
job of younger SEALs. Ashes of a departed Viet Nam era Seal
were swam out to sea after a memorial service on Ft Pierce
Beach,  the original training area for the first Frogs in the
early 1940's.
Freddy Frog and Sammy SEAL have long been mascots for
the Underwater Demolitions Teams (frogmen) and SEALs
The official Museum of Underwater Demolitions Teams
(Scouts and Raiders, Combat Demolition  Units,etc) and
SEALs is located on Ft Pierce Beach, Florida, the original
training location for the first groups of Frogmen that cleared
beaches for amphibious landings across the Pacific and
the European theaters in WWII.
Every Museum needs someone in charge. In the case of the
UDT-SEAL Museum, the right choice was Captain Hike Howard, SEAL,
Captain USN, Retired.  He and I led BUD/s Class 114 through training,
deployed in Echo Platoon and build the SDV Detachment  in Hawaii,
including new DDS and Submarine SOP's
An annual event held at the  UDT-SEAL Museum is the 5k
beach run. In this case the 45-50 year old winner was also
the winner of the event overall, and a classmate in Class
114. Jimmy B is in great physical shape and spends his time
flying for United Airlines when he is not training.
The "Challenge coin" that reputedly had its start with pilots in
WWI has gained popularity in modern culture.  This coin
(shown both in obverse and reverse) was given as prizes for
the 5k beach run/walk at the Museum Muster
BUD/S class 114 was a "no bell" class, meaning that no class
members quit during the fabled Hell Week portion of training,
something only a handful of classes has been able to do.  The
attrition is usually in the 80% range. Our photo shares part of a
wall within the UDT-SEAL Museum and can be seen in the book by
Classmate Chuck Pfarrer:  
Warrior Soul: The Memoir of a Navy
The US Navy's "Leap Frogs"  exhibition parachute team has
thrilled crowds in sports stadiums, fund raising events and in
this case the annual "Muster" event  at the UDT-SEAL Museum
No, "drunken Sailor" does not accurately describe this gathering of
aging SEALs. We were sharing beverages and lies about events
that had transpired in the 25 years since we graduated  with BUD/s
Class 114 in September 1981. Fortunately we are all still alive and
in good health.