Mt Shasta, is the second highest volcanic mountain in the contiguous 48 United States at 14,162' .  It is in the Cascade mountain range which is part of the Pacific Rim of Fire
and accounts for many of the seismic shifts in California, causing earthquakes. Mt Shasta is an active volcano and is expected to erupt in a Mt St Helens-like display within the
next 10,000 years
Announcment of Mt Shasta Summit-in OffRoad Adventures Magazine
Rabbit hunting with Miss G
Colorado, 2006
Pacific Sailfish
Playa Herradura, Costa Rica
Stairway to Heaven
Avalanch Gulch-Mt Shasta, CA
Photo Album-This is just a few photographs of recent "outdoor" activities
Hobby & Recreation Group
Fishing is a way of life, whether it is in freshwater  or saltwater, by oneself or with family and friends, it is always a good thing.
The old saying that misery loves company is held dear
while ascending Misery Hill, the final third of the climb to
the summit of Mt Shasta, starting at 12.500' and
continuing at a fairly steep incline to about 14,000' .
Sometimes a break is needed to allow the high altitude
oxygen to be absorbed int the bloodstream.
Seeing the summit for the first (or second or third or fourth) time is
exhilarating, but getting there is still no simple feat in the atmosphere above
14, 000'
, as there are still many footsteps to be taken to get to the top.
THE feels so good to be there and to
rest for long enough to sign the log book, look at
the 200+ mile views and begin the long trek back
down. Although glissading (a sort of snow slide)
can speed up the descent,
Ana fishing at Half Moon Bay in Northern
California. The jetty allows an angler to fish in
the surf or out into much deeper water.
Steelhead fishing in the Feather River near
Oroville California
Fishing for Striped Bass or Rockfish as it is
locally known in the Chesapeake Bay
Planes, Trains, Automobiles, or a skippy scooter.  Whatever it takes to get to the best
fishing spots. Do I really look like Kazoo with that helmet on?
Fishing with Joe in the estuary in Mandurah  
harbor, Western Australia
The Half Day boat is like herding cattle, but a lot of people do it.
You just need to be patient and remember to have fun.
Hunting is also a way of life. Practice with your weapon of choice and get outdoors!
Young Petey knows what his DNA is about and he
started retreiving with gusto right out of the starting gate
Hunting is a way of life for creatures everywhere, which
includes humans. If only our Liberal friends understood this!
I love my dogs and they love the water
Practice makes perfect.  Now, if I can get the deer to come to me at 10, 20,
30, 40 , or 50 yards and stand as still as this...I would be really successful!
I snapped this shot with the lens about 12" from the nose of this Yosemite
Valley Mule Deer. That is the kind of deer I need to live in my yard...until he
made it to my BBQ of course.  ;-)
Kangaroos are synonymous with Australia and is probably the only National Symbol
that is also eaten in restaurants and served as pet food. This Red Kangaroo resides in
a wiold animal park outside of Mandurah, Western Australia. It will probably continue to
live out a long life.
From the entire Kangaroo to just it's paws. The Kangaroo
Paw is a beautiful flower that has many color variations.
Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree
Merry, merry king of the bush is he
Laugh, Kookaburra! Laugh, Kookaburra!
Gay your life must be
The Blackboy is a plant that epitomizes the  Australian  "Bush". It got it's name
from the charred black trunk and Afro-like fronds. To become more politically
correct, many people are now calling it a Black Bush.
I love the water, whether I am swimming in, fishing in it, drinking it...or just
watching it. This was on the beach in Margaret River, Western Australia
Australia boast many varieties of parrots and cockatoos. This pair of Pink and
Grey Galahs looks like our pets George and Ayla from when we lived in Perth
Not all the wildlife and colors in Australia belong to animals. Kite surfing has become very popular
in Australia as it has in the US.  This surfer was getting ready to head out in Cottesloe Beach,
Western Australia
Practicing is key in racing sailboats. The crew must be coordinated and quick. Many
races have been lost by making little mistakes that the other teams did not make.
Flying into St Martin. The runway starts about 100 yards from the water,
across a short beach and a two lane road. Cars and people stop both for
safety and to admire the shiny birds at close range.
Brad don't lose that number
It's the only one you own
You might use it if you feel better
When you get home
Kara keep your eyes peeled for the fleet.  
Yes, they are on the right and we are not
going to collide, but some of them may!
I may not be real good at this sailing thing...but I
LOOK REAL GOOD at this sailing stuff
Serious Fun is what the Regatta is really all about, just ask us!
"Other" stuff
Swallowtail butterfly on a Thistle in Northern Virginia
Colorado River in Grand Junction, Colorado
Walking down Arnold Lane in Purcellville Virgina
4-wheelin' in Kokopelli State Park in Mack, Colorado
Sitting on a rocky outcropping in the Mojave desert of Southern California
Travelling through New Mexico enroute to East Coast
A racer in the Parker 460, Parker Arizona
Stairs to begin a Bay Area hike
I am proud to be an American
Wild weather and extreme conditions in the high desert of Western
Colorado affects people today as it affected them yesterday